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Welcome to Hendrick Regional Blood Center. Please click below to schedule your blood donation appointment. Thank you for donating with us, we are looking forward to seeing you.


To access your donor profile, donation history, or schedule an appointment, click below. If this is your first time accessing the portal, you will need your donor ID to create new login credentials. If you do not know your Donor ID, please email us at: giveblood@hendrickregionalbloodcenter.com

Donor Information

Our goal at Hendrick Regional Blood Center is to ensure your comfort and safety during the donation process. Most people feel fine after giving blood. A unit of blood is less than a pint, and the average adult body contains 10 – 12 pints of blood. Your body makes new blood constantly, and the fluid you give will be replaced within hours.

At least 17 years of age (age 16 may donate with written parental consent). There is no upper age limit.

A photo ID issued by the state, school or U.S. government

– Eat a low-fat, high protein meal within 2 – 4 hours before your donation.
– Drink plenty of non-caffeinated beverages, such as water or juice to help your body replenish lost fluids.
– Avoid alcohol before and after giving.
– Do not fast.

You may exercise before you donate, however, after your donation, you should avoid strenuous exercise/heavy lifting for the next 24 hours.

Taking medications is not an automatic deferral. Most medications are acceptable. Foreign travel or residence does not automatically prevent you from donating. Please call the donor center supervisor at 325-670-2880 for questions regarding medications and foreign travel. You can also email fsosa@hendrickhealth.org.

If you have questions regarding travel, medications or your next donation date, email Freddie Sosa Jr. at fsosa@hendrickhealth.org.

For cholesterol and blood type results please log into your Donor Portal or call (325) 670-2799.

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